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Why Roxanne Graziano Studio?


Getting regular exercise is certainly an essential component to maintaining a healthy body and spirit.  However, the type of exercise you choose can either harm or help you!

sore-musclesHave you ever been deterred from getting out of bed or off the couch by a pulled muscle or back pain caused by a previous work out?  What good was that workout if it prevents you from exercising the next day or the day after that?  Many aerobic workouts such as running, boxing or cross-training can often leave your body bent out of shape if you aren’t careful.

For those of you who shy away from Pilates and Yoga because you want more of a cardiovascular workout and perhaps for monetary or time constraints feel the need to pick one fitness outlet- never fear…

Barlates is here!

Barlates combines fundamental Pilates principles with an intense aerobic workout. While many other forms of aerobic exercise get your heart rate up, they can over work limited muscle groups while leaving other, equally important ones untouched.

Barlates works all of your muscles by simultaneously strengthening and stretching opposing muscle groups to maintain a healthy balance of toning and fitness overall, in this way you don’t wind up with an injury and feel great and limber for the next day’s workout,

In a Barlates class you exercise in neutral spine, employ your core muscles and target all three gluteal muscles while never overworking the quadriceps, all of which is of paramount importance to maintaining a strong back and healthy alignment.

Our Barlates classes are kept small so that the instructors can focus on the form and alignment of each and every student.

Training with our Barlates instructors – all of whom are Pilates certified – is not only a fun and challenging workout that will tone and strengthen your entire body, but it will enhance your body awareness and teach you how to employ the same core principles in your day to day life.