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The Vitality Series: Reclaiming Your Vibrancy


Happy Fall

We hope you had a great summer full of fun and sunshine. We are exited for the fall season and a great event that’s taking place at the studio…

I often talk with many of my clients about the importance of a healthy diet and how eating the right foods at the right time fuel our bodies. The combination of a regular pilates practice and a healthy diet will keep us young, vibrant and energetic for years to come.

I have had the pleasure to get to know Lyssandra recently and learn of her vast knowledge on the subject of nutrition and vitality. I am happy to welcome her to the studio to enlighten us and give us real tools on how to get on top of our diets.

“The Vitality Series” is a 4 part series offered every other month by Lyssandra Guerra, Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Therapist, owner of Native Palms Nutrition. She will be covering special topics that move with the seasons and focus on high vibrational foods, optimizing digestion, easing into winter with immune-boosting food, eliminating sugar cravings, and safe cleansing.

Food: foundation of beauty + wellness will kick off the series on September 17th, 2016 from 12pm-1:30pm. You will learn of the serious risks your diet maybe posing to you right now that are preventing you from being getting where you want to be.  You will discover which high vibrational foods make you strong, help you manage your weight, optimize your digestion, balance your hormones, and feed your soul. Learn simple yet effective ways to get the most out of your diet with tools and resources to begin your journey towards vibrancy.

With resources and tools, you will shift the way you think about eating healthy food once you step out of the class and into your own lives, with resources and tools to get you going. We are busy people, with personal goals, professional aspirations, a social life, and our families. It is time be in control of our health in order to do what we do, with radiance, energy, and grace.

Treat yourself and eat real with Part One of the series, “Food: foundation of beauty and wellness“, on September 17, 2016 at RGS Pilates, 4456 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland.  

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We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!