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RGS encourages men to Practice Pilates

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We here at RGS Pilates in Oakland, Ca want to encourage more men to experience the awesome benefits that Pilates has to offer.Pilates is one of the fastest growing fitness modalities in the world not to mention the abundance of Pilates studios right here in Oakland, Ca.
Men are now catching on to the diverse benefits of Pilates. Men recognize that they are strong but ‘tight’ and need to balance their musculature by increasing their flexibility. Men often over-train superficial muscles at the expense of joint-stabilizing and core-supporting muscles, and in contrast, Pilates will have them work muscles that they didn’t even know they had. At our Pilates studio in Oakland, men can look forward to building core strength, flexibility, balance, muscle symmetry, and efficient movement patterns – all benefits of Pilates training and highly relevant to men’s fitness. The integrative component of Pilates can be especially beneficial for men, whose workouts often emphasize a part-by-part approach to muscular development, such as what’s found in weightlifting. Through Pilates vitality is increased, athletic performance is improved and a new sense of strength is achieved. Treat yourself in 2015 to gain a stronger core and feel better! Visit our certified teachers at RGS Pilates on Piedmont here in sunny Oakland, CA!