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Practicing Yoga can restore balance to the body

woman sneezingAre you chronically sick around the Winter months?  It’s no fun at all, but its very common. According to Ayurveda (Indian science of healing) the body is most susceptible to illness at the juncture of the seasons, because everything is in flux.

During the transition from Fall to Winter, an excess of heaviness can accumulate in body due to greater cold, wetness and dampness in the environment.  No surprise that the elements of earth and water predominate during this time.

Because some body types are more affected by the dampness than others, you must take extra care during this time to cleanse and nurture your body.  It’s a great time to practice cleansing yoga poses and breathing exercises, and also do restorative/yin yoga along with meditation.

Since the season is associated with heaviness and cold, its best to eat opposite of that to stay in balance.   A great balancing meal would be a yummy bowl of Vegan Curry Lentil Soup.  Check out the Berkeley Bowl’s deli for one of the best versions of this recipe I’ve had.

If you want more information about Ayurveda and how to stay in balance throughout Winter contact Elika – Elika@blissfulbodiesyoga.com