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Pilates improve the lymphatic system

A new season has arrived and with it severe changes in the weather.  Here in the mild bay area we recently experienced a drastic drop in temperature.  Blistering summer heat one day to shivering winter chill the next!  Our immune systems can surely take a beating from all of the environmental changes from one season to the next.  Along with proper diets consisting of lots of green leafy vegetables and lean protein, a regular Pilates practice can ward off sickness, truly!  Wonder how that may be?

Pilates improves the lymphatic (lymph) system helping to boost our immunity. The lymph system is an important part of the body that keeps many infectious diseases at bay. The lymph system relies on muscle pumping to help it flow, so the more you work your muscles in Pilates exercises, the more the lymph circulates in the body.

Stress is also a well known immunity buster. The number one focus of Pilates is mindful breathing.  Consciously focusing on the breath can calm the nervous system, clear the ever-cluttered mind and help to relieve stress.

Staying consistent with your Pilates practice, at least one to two times per week can help to keep you healthy through the roughest, chilliest seasons.