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How is Roxanne Graziano Studio different from other Pilates studios in Oakland?

Roxanne Graziano Studio is a boutique fitness studio offering unparalleled expertise in body alignment, mechanics and technique.  Our teaching methods are constantly evolving and changing in response to clients’ needs and progress.  Certified instructors are trained in analyzing complex movement patterns in a variety of posture types while assuring clients’ safety and providing corrections aimed to help students get the most out of their efforts.


What should I wear to the Pilates studio?

Here at our studio on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, we suggest comfortable clothing. Feet must be covered with grippy socks. We sell Toe Sox in the studio.


How can I pay for group classes and/or private sessions?

You may purchase a class online by clicking here , or to purchase a private session click here.


If you have any questions regarding Pilates, please contact us.



FAQ October 25, 2012