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About our Pilates Instructors

Roxanne Graziano

Roxanne Graziano – Owner, Instructor

Roxanne has been practicing Pilates for over twelve years and still loves everything about the method.  She received her certification in 2004 through the Ellie Herman Institute in San Francisco, CA.  The program was a 650-hour training course including Pre and Post Natal applications of the exercises as well as rehabilitation-based pilates.

Upon completing her certification she was invited to assist in the opening of the premiere Pilates studio, Element Soins, in Paris, France. In 2005, Roxanne and her husband Paul relocated to Paris where her pilates career flourished.  During her time abroad, Roxanne worked alongside some incredibly talented and seasoned instructors from all over the world, who shared their experience, knowledge, and styles with her.  She credits those people for having greatly influencing her teaching style today.

Roxanne is a diverse teacher well versed in the entire repertoire.  Her priority is the health and well being of all her clients attending both private and class sessions.  These clients vary from rehab to extremely athletic and everything in-between.  Her passion for pilates is evident from the firm but caring approach she takes in imparting this knowledge to her clients.

Roxanne loves to learn, especially as it pertains to pilates.   She is dedicated to finding out all that she can about the method and continues to attend as much specialized training’s as possible every year.  Recently, she studied Janda’s upper and lower Cross Syndrome with Liz Roman, Scoliosis and Special Populations with Jean Sullivan, Anatomy in 3D with Bethany Clemen, and Classical Advanced Mat with Bob Leikens.

Roxanne makes it a priority to maintain her own pilates practice along with yoga, dancing, hiking and many other physical activities.  In 2012 she opened her own studio – Roxanne Graziano Studio – and is super excited to have such a thriving business in her hometown of Oakland.

Mae Chesney – Pilates Instructor

Mae Chesney is a classically-trained professional ballet dancer and teacher, Mae received her BFA in Ballet from the University of Cincinnati: College-Conservatory of Music. She began teaching dance and fitness in 2010 to clients who range from young ballet budding dancers to adults.

Mae is certified in STOTT PILATES Mat and Reformer. In 2002, Mae was introduced to Pilates as a method to improve her ballet and support her dancing. She immediately fell in love with Pilates as a way to improve performance, strength, and most importantly prevent and rehab injury. Through the years, her love for the method has continued to grow. You can find Mae teaching Pilates and Ballet in studios throughout the Bay Area. Mae dances professionally with companies around the Bay including Menlowe Ballet, Peninsula Ballet Theatre and smaller projects with SAFEhouse Arts and San Francisco Movement Arts Festival. Most recently Mae toured with Nakissa Art Company based out of Paris. Before moving to the Bay Area, Mae performed with the Columbus Dance Theatre as a Soloist for four years.

In every Pilates session and ballet class, Mae shares her passion for movement and her excitement to be a part of her students’ journey to strength, fitness and well-being. While pushing her clients to the next level, she aims to always be a supportive and positive force.

Corie Altaffer – Pilates Instructor

Corie Altaffer is a dancer and choreographer based in the Bay Area. Corie started practicing Pilates in college at the University of California, Irvine where she obtained a BA in Dance. She became certified in the Pilates Reformer in 2016, while living in San Antonio, TX. In 2019, she decided to deepen her knowledge and practice of the Pilates Method and is currently completing a comprehensive certification through Balanced Body at the Ellie Herman Studio in San Francisco.

Corie also teaches Rhythm and Motion Dance classes at the ODC Dance commons in San Francisco. Corie believes that everyone has the potential to live an informed life in his or her bodies. Movement can spark and inspire sensations, feelings, mindfulness, and a deeper understanding of who we are. She believes the PilatesMethod can help us move through life with more ease.


Birgitte Juhl Rohrbach – Pilates Instructor

Birgitte has been working in the Fitness Industry for 20 years and with experience and enthusiasm enjoys working with groups and individuals . With a background in dance and gymnastics in her native country Denmark she is teaching anything from strength,bike and cardio to balance and  pilates.

Brigitte Brunner – Pilates Instructor

Brigitte Brunner is a Balanced Body master instructor and educator as well as a graduate of Ellie Herman Studios. After completing her Pilates teacher training in 2005, Brigitte began teaching in San Francisco. In 2012 she completed the Master Instructor training program with Balanced Body.  Since then she has been one of the educators leading Pilates instructor training programs at EHS Pilates in San Francisco. Relevant Continuing education and training includes: CoreAlign 1 and 2, Lizz Roman rehabilitation intensive, Mary Bowen Pilates and Psyche, Eric Franklin Pelvic Power,  Thomas Meyers Anatomy Trains,  Marie Jose Blom, Amy Alpers and most recently the Buff Bones Instructor training.  Buff Bones is a  medically endorsed system for bone and joint health.
In her private and group sessions, Brigitte brings energy, passion and attention to detail.
Brigitte has also taught extensively in Italy and is fluent in Italian.

Balanced Body University Pilates Instructor

Tanja London – Pilates Instructor

Tanja London loves to facilitate somatic experiences through Pilates in order to nourish a deep physical connection to one’s own trinity of existence. In that regard she has been focusing on fascia and cell health through movement. She is invested in teaching ways of moving that are organically connected and result in a pain free, resilient and joyful agility.

Tanja loves working with people who are curious about their bodies and are interested in the health benefits of Pilates. She has been supporting them in recovering from knee, ankle, lower back and shoulder injuries and helped to manage osteoarthritis and scoliosis. She also has worked with women pre or post their birth experiences, people dealing with chronic pain, and athletes to get better at their game.

Tanja discovered STOTT Pilates® when she moved from Germany to the U.S. in 2006. She fell in love with the detailed anatomical knowledge inherent in the way of teaching this method, plainly because it revealed the invisible logic and wonders of the body. She loves to use this knowledge to help people to get to know their own bodies in an intricate kind of way.

In 2007 she started her training at PJ O’Clair’s Northeast Pilates Certification Center clubXcel (MA) and got her her certification in 2009. Since 2007 she has been teaching in various capacities in different studios and ran a one woman STOTT Pilates® Program at a Fitness Center affiliated with the Exeter Hospital in NH for two years. Currently, she is working at Blue Sparrow Pilates (SF), Roxanne Graziano’s Studio and re:ACTION PIlates in Oakland. 

A lifelong learner, she is working towards her teacher trainer certification and studies everything about fascia that she can get her hands on. Her way of teaching is informed my many different somatic practices stemming from her over 20 years of experience within the Modern Dance World.




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